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Portugal Outdoor Leadership March 18

Blogginläggen från Portugal Outdoor Leadership är på engelska
som led i att sprida kunskap om Comenius kurser till pedagoger
från Europa som besöker bloggen och till kursdeltagarna på kursen.

Saturday March 24 after the course I was sitting
at Miraduro La Garca i Lisbon writing down the blogtext.

Together with 35 teachers from 10 European countries we
met in Lisbon  Airport on 18 March by our leaders
Britta Britta Brugge, Sweden
Margrit Hensler, Sweden
Tove Hensler, Sweden
Dusan Bartunek, Chech Republic

 We would participate in a week's EU Comenius course
 Outdoor Leadership in Portugal in the program for Long Life Learning.

 Johan Amos Comenius  was born in 1592 was a Czech teacher.
 He wanted us to travel, explore and share our knowledge.

From Lisbon we went by bus to Muchaxo Hotel at Guincho
beach on the Atlantic coast.

There we were welcomed by our leaders and soon we felt like one big family.
Dusan took up the guitar and so began an instructive week.

 Also search You courses in the Comenius program!
 Each year courses are organized in Europe by Kinda Muncipality

 These courses are funded by
 International Programme Office, Comenius training

 I'll be back next week about what happened on the course.

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