måndag 2 april 2012

Portugal Outdoor Leadership March 20

Blogginläggen från Portugal är på engelska
som led i att sprida kunskap om Comenius kurser
till pedagoger från Europa som besöker bloggen
och till kursdeltagarna på kursen.

Group exercises and reflections in groups.

What made​​:
Group Exercise
We went to the World Heritage area Sintra in the hills,
to the forest and the palace La Pena.  The Palace la Pena
one of the finest examples of nineteenth century Portuguese
Romanticism and the integration of natural and built heritage.

We got an envelope with a map that showed where our
group would develop and implement exercise with the
other groups. We came to a small temple, therefore,
we chose an exercise with still hot.

We cut square holes in papers to hand out give  to our participants.

Participants were 2 and 2 and they sholuld together
find something to draw off together by looking
through the little square.

 Lunchtime at the castle of La Pena

made by us in our own group and others reflected
on how we done our exercise.
Very fun, rewarding and educational.


Now we got us a much needed restful hike down to the
World Heritage town of Sintra through the woods.

Southern Europe beautiful city centers invite us to a nice sangria.

Group rules of yesterday was now for the benefit and everyone felt free.
Returned home to the hotel, we reflected in our groups about the last day.
What have I learned about myself, about others and how I felt?

International evening
The evening offered a cultural encounters from 35 funny educators
from 10 different countries.

Larned today
God group composition and rules of the group create god groups
that are creative and have fun together.
Reflections in the group makes all grow as people.

I will be back with more reports from Portugal

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