lördag 7 april 2012

Portugal Outdoor Leadership March 25

The last blog texts were written here in Lisbon
in a chair with his own shade trees.

Many thanks to you all for such a fun,
rewarding week not least, Britta, Margrit,
Tove and Dusan who arranged everything.

The week that taught us about:
 • leadership
 • teambilding
 • practical exercises in different environments,
   forest, beach and town
 • reflection in the group and share it with others
  our different experiences throughout the Comenius spirit.

The course lead to additional networking
outdoor education will develop in
 • schoolyard
 • the city
 • nature

 You also search Comenius course in the Live Long Learning program !
 In addition to courses like Portugal course, there are

 • school exchanges
 • job shadowing
 • conferences

 Courses are arranged for example from  Kinda Muncipality
 Courses funded by the International Programe Office, Comenius training

Hope to see You somewhere else in Europe to continue our networking, developing schools.

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