onsdag 4 april 2012

Portugal Outdoor Leadership March 22

Blogginläggen från Portugal är på engelska
som led i att sprida kunskap om Comenius kurser
till pedagoger från Europa som besöker bloggen
ch till kursdeltagarna på kursen.

Every morning before "Melona" we had a time for some
sun in the enclosed courtyard at the hotel.

Leadership behavior, reflections

What made​​:
How shall a good leader behave

Dussan showed with Britta clear good and bad examples
of ways to behave as a leader in different situations.

 Cabo da Rocha

Europe's western most point of land was the beginning
of an afternoon of reflection character.  

We walked back towards Muchaxo hotel
and had time to reflect, debate over the past week.

Portuguese delicacies

Served in the garden before we went down to Cacais.

The hotel owner welcomed us back to Muchaxo
and we got was her bottle Guincho sand.

Learned today:
How to behave us a leader and another good day for networking

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