tisdag 3 april 2012

Portugal Outdoor Leadership March 21

Blogginläggen från Portugal är på engelska
som ett led i att sprida kunskap om Commenius kurser
till pedagoger från Europa som besöker bloggen
och till kursdeltagare från Portugal.

School visits, group practice in La Pena

What made​​:
School visits
Split into groups, we visited the Nature school only one
in Portugal in La Pena forest and school in Sintra.
In the Nature School, we helped to mend fences.
Visitors always helps out with various jobs so that
Nature School can live on. Fire danger is high in
Portugal therefore helps visitors often by picking sticks.

The school visit learned us why in south Europe here
is so little green on the school yards, water shortages
and therefore such a lot of concrete.

We were greeted by a warmth from the teachers and students.
Interested high school students talked about their plans
and were good, happy to speak English.

But still there was a schoolgarden with vetgetables.

Met math teacher, who was interested in Movium Math Lab
as well as teachers from the Comenius course. I will  send
both of them them all a folder on Matt lab printed in English.
For those with their asphalt surfaces, the Math Lab can be
useful for them, both in the playground and in the city.

Group exercises
Brittas beaver song in the forest La Pena, resulting in truly
amazing group exercises. We got 1 m rope and would do
anything that had to do with beavers.

The beavers managed to fell a tree "Kalle".
What a sight to see Kalle take action.

 Lookout point

 By forest like a church in La Pena, we walked to an old ruin with
 wind strange sight against Muchaxo our hotel and Guincho beach.
 Britta, as usual actor served "champagne" to all of us up there.

Elevators talk
went on from the previous day. Resulted in even more important networking.

Learned today:
Schoolyards understand why it is difficult to have more green
and why it is needed as much asphalt.

Networking the importance of constantly created space for this.
For us at the course to get too know each other better to help
the schools of Europe to develope.

I will be back another day with more abour the course.

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