torsdag 5 april 2012

Portugal Outdoor Leadership March 23

Last day of the week we stayed at
Cacais a city west of Lisbon.

Reflections in the new groups, risk-taking,
summary of the week.  City Park as a stage.

 What we did:
 Grouping  so that we are working with similar age groups
 came together. Very rewarding  reflections in these groups.


Every day was played by the various groups.
Totally crazy and fun.

Risk taking

Tove illustrated with good examples thoughts
on how we can reason about risk taking.
We should collectively think about cycling,
canoeing and cooking over an open fire.

Summary of the week

Dusan did with our help, a good summary of the past week.

Tove's poem and course certificates were given to us.

Even now, as every morning Tove read a poem for us.
Margrit then shared out course certificates to all of us
and Dusan played and everyone sang.

Learned today:
City Park in Cacais works well as classroom.
Risk-taking how we prepare an outdoor activity
This week has given me so much from so
many great teachers from across Europe.

In some days comes one more text about the course.

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